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Are you scared and overwhelmed by keeping a mileage log? Nothing will ever again seem scary or difficult to you with a mileage log app. What is the purpose of keeping a mileage log? What is the best method to use: pen and paper, Excel, or an app? Get answers to all your nurturing questions by reading the article.

Why should you keep a mileage log?

Keep your mileage log for a variety of reasons, which vary according to whether you’re self-employed, run a small business, or work for a company that manages a fleet.

You may deduct business-related car expenses from taxes as a self-employed individual or a small business owner by tracking your mileage for taxes. Do you use your private car for work? You need to track mileage for the purposes of mileage reimbursement, which means the return of expenses. 

Do you own a fleet of vehicles? A simple mileage log will let you control the miles driven, and also plan the journeys to your clients. 

You need to know how to track mileage for taxes in case you are being audited by the IRS, which will require an IRS-approved mileage log.

How to keep track of mileage for taxes (pen-and-paper/Excel/mileage tracker app)

Some people don’t trust apps and software which simply make our lives easier, by saving our time, and keeping the process of mileage log for the IRS automated, easy, and under strict control. 

If you do prefer pen-and-paper or Excel mileage logs, then you should be aware that it will take you longer to complete all the logs, and it is highly likely that you will make an error, creating a logical conflict, which will result in a fine in the event of an IRS audit if not detected.

A mileage log app will let you make the work extremely easy and effective, and thanks to a built-in IRS auditor, all the errors may be detected automatically.

What features you’ll need in a mileage tracker app

The best features you’ll need in a mileage tracker app are:

  • retrospective mileage logs
  • mass distance calculations 
  • shared dashboard for teams
  • IRS-approved mileage log
  • vehicle-client pairing
  • standard mileage rate list
  • built-in IRS-auditor.

Google Timeline to an IRS-approved mileage log

Google Timeline is not the perfect tool for tracking miles, yet you may export your location history files via Google Takeout to use it in a mileage logbook app. 

It’s enough to follow the steps:

  1. Open Google Takeout
  2. Find and select Location History
  3. Select JSON file format to export
  4. Choose a file type to compress, export the data to your computer
  5. Import the JSON file via MIleageWise’s Fixed Trip Import. 

To use MIleageWise for an IRS-approved mileage log, download it on Google Play.

Mileage log preparation service

If you need any help managing your mileage log, MileageWise is the only company in the world offering the VIP mileage log preparation service. This efficient and innovative mileage logbook app will offer you a hassle-free, affordable service, saving you time and money, and protecting you from any IRS fines.

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