The Relationship Between Houthi and Saleh, Iran and ISIS

Civil War

Despite the different sectarian references for the two sides, there is a “black box” full of secrets and ambiguities that have not yet been revealed. There are suspicious relations linking Al Qaeda and ISIS with the Houthi group, Saleh and Iran. However, those who follow field developments, the threats of ISIS and Al Qaeda and fueling the conflict inside Yemen find that they end in favor The camp of Iran, the Houthis and Saleh, and is based on dispersing and confusing the Yemeni army, the resistance and the Arab coalition, depleting them, exhausting them, and dividing them, especially after the UAE’s direction to focus on al-Qaeda, and to prevent the establishment of security in the liberated places.

“ Al-Houthi and Al-Qaeda are two sides of the same coin,”  since since the beginning of the Houthi coup – Saleh – and the relationship between the revolutionaries and Al Qaeda has grown and developed greatly, the relations between Al Houthi and Al Qaeda are complex and double relations despite their ideological and ideological differences .. And reports of the United Nations and the Security Council two years ago talk about relations A document between former President Ali Abdullah Saleh and Al-Qaeda organization, and investigations also revealed the Houthi militia’s involvement in planting explosive devices in Yemeni cities and their affiliation with ISIS, which confirms the Houthi militia’s involvement with al-Qaeda, al-Qaeda and al-Houthi are two sides of the same coin made by Iran. The dual relationship between al-Qaeda in Iran on the one hand and the Houthis on the one hand Other.

Iran has worked to attract many al-Qaeda fighters, including first-line and middle leaders, and it has also established a rapprochement between the Houthi militia and al-Qaeda militias. Everyone knows that there are prisoner exchange deals between the Houthis and al-Qaeda under Iranian sponsorship, and recent negotiations in Kuwait revealed the relationship between al-Qaeda and the group. Al-Houthi, when the Houthi militia rejected a United Nations proposal to issue a statement supporting the military operation against Al-Qaeda in Mukalla and Abyan.

Here, he explained the extent of the close relationship between ISIS and Iran that Persia (Iran) uses the terrorist organization ISIS to achieve its interests in the region and launches fatwas in what it calls (efficient jihad) against the organization, but it does not fight it and the organization avoids targeting it despite its alleged hostility to the Shiites, which confirms the existence of an alliance and common interests between the two parties ISIS has not made an explicit threat to target Iran .

I emphasize here that “Tehran used ISIS to strengthen its regional power, as it was facing difficulty in legitimizing its role in Iraq and its support for the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Iran could also use the organization to increase the power of the Shiite militias that it supports, which play a decisive role in countries.” Arab countries such as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain and Yemen, and that Iran “may pretend that it is making some efforts to combat ISIS, but it is in Tehran’s interest to preserve the survival and continuation of the organization.”

ISIS is an Iranian Trojan horse

” Do you Daesh Trojan horse Iranian?” The Daesh were not only a creature of Astkhbaratah- western Iranian – goal to end the rest of the Arab states structures, industry maps in the region, in addition to tearing up ways of coexistence between the spectra of societies, by dedicating cases of sectarian polarization, ” “Iranian politics and sectarian religion are two sides of the same coin, as the ISIS elements  who dress in Islam and use it as a Trojan horse have been trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard; In order to harness their interests, and this is a clear indication that the main supporter of ISIS and other terrorist organizations is Iran.

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